IBG Offers a Helping Hand

Pictured above are IBG volunteers that helped with this project

IBG is dedicated to giving back to the community. Capitol View United Methodist Church was in specific need of services that IBG was able to meet by using their own resources. The location of this church impacted the company because it is in close proximity to several IBG and Integral Group developments and projects. Pastor Sherry Method contacted IBG with her concern about the church. This “hands on” project is one of the many IBG participates in to help give back to the community.

The education building of the church did not have air conditioning, due to the fact that it was stolen multiple times because of its location. The unit was located on the ground which made it vulnerable for thieves to steal. IBG successfully placed a new air conditioning unit on the third story roof of the building. The main sanctuary required the removal of five prior existing roofs so a new one could be laid. IBG helped with painting, replacing broken windows, landscape and with the overall clean up around the church.

More than a church, Covenant Ministries offers many services throughout the week to better the community. Including GED classes and feeding families in despair.

“IBG was blessed by the opportunity to have a powerful impact on a ministry that serves people in our community,” stated Robert Fain, VP of IBG Construction.

Picture above is everyone who worked together on a Saturday to help improve the overall state of capitol View United Methodist.

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