IBG hosts Boys and Girls Club Teen Party

Community Service is an important part of IBG Construction’s

IBG intern Nick Wormsby with teens of the Boys and Girls Club teens

foundation and character. The Boys and Girls Club organization affects IBG
greatly. The reason for this strong and rich relationship with this
organization is because they are about youth progression. Also, our own CEO

Kenneth Chestnut serves on the Boys and Girls Club Trustee Board. He is a
former member of the organization when it was just known as The Boys Club.

This year’s mission and assignment for IBG was to host a
teen party at the Harland Boys and Girls Club location. IBG provided food and
drinks for the party along with inspirational talk from IBG employees. The
teenagers talked about their future dreams and ambitions. Some of the teens
expressed interest in future careers concerning fashion, robotics and business.

Robert Fain states, “IBG will always be involved with the
Boys and Girls Club Harland Center. As a result of its proximity to the
construction projects IBG participated in, we feel the need to be involved with
the families and children in the area.”

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