IBG Construction Services LLC Supports ACE Atlanta Mentoring program.


IBG Construction Services LLC supports the ACE Atlanta Mentoring program.  The program is geared towards inspiring high school students considering careers in architecture, construction, and engineering.

On Wednesday, March 23, 2011  students were given the opportunity to tour the construction site of the Maynard H. Jackson new international terminal.  This is a Joint Venture between Holder Construction, Manhattan Construction, C.D. Moody Construction, and Hunt Construction.  Holder Construction is the managing partner for the $1.2 billion project which is LEED®-registered and is tracking receipt of LEED® Gold Certification.

One of IBG’s employees, Linda McCoy, has continued to offer her services to ACE. “When our youth are exposed to the actual jobsite, they are able to connect and associate the various ways of how we are saving the economy for the future.” The terminal is scheduled to open April 2012.

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