Human Success Story

Paul Ayree is an example of a Section 3 success story. Over the course of the past 22-months Paul has worked hard to improve both his low-voltage skills and knowledge and has become a valued employee of his company. During Paul’s tenure with the Securite Systems (SSI) many positive things have happened. On 2/20/11 Paul earned the right to be promoted to a Lead Installer, Paul now has his own team he manages and jobs he is responsible for.

SSI worked with IBG Construction Services LLC during the development of the Veranda senior buildings. IBG’s own Tracy Bigsby referred Paul Ayree to SSI, where he was hired as a Section 3 employee.

Section 3 is when HUD fosters local economic development, neighborhood economic improvement, and individual self-sufficiency. Section 3 is the legal basis for providing jobs for residents and awarding contracts to businesses in areas receiving certain types of HUD financial assistance. Congress established the Section 3 policy to guarantee that the employment and other economic opportunities created by Federal financial assistance for housing and community development programs should, if possible, be directed toward low- and very-low income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for housing. (www.portal.hud.gov)

Securite Systems stated to IBG, “Thank you for giving SSI the opportunity to have been a part of these projects and because of that, thank you for the difference you made in the lives of these three employees. It is possible that you have never met the men that IBGCS helped; however, there is one thing for sure, the Section 3 Program has made a major difference in the lives of at least eleven family members of the 3-men who took advantage of the program.”

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