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Auburn Pointe Public Improvements

Atlanta, GA

Type: Public Infrastructure

Contract Amount: $$11,500,000

Project Description:

  IBG Construction Services was commissioned by Grady Redevelopment to redevelop the public improvements at the site of Grady Homes – a 43 acre housing project owned by the Atlanta Housing Authority. The project goal was to redevelop the existing City of Atlanta right of way which dated back to the early 1900’s. This work consisted of demolishing the existing roadways and replacing them with a new network of streets meeting the master plan for the proposed mixed income community.  The projects focus was two fold, first the beautification of the blighted urban environment and second the upgrading of existing infrastructure.  Beautification measures included development of a community park, new streets, sidewalks, hardscapes, landscaping, traffic signage and relocation of overhead utilities underground. Infrastructure improvements included increasing of existing utility capacity and the separation of storm and sanitary sewer systems. Project highlights include replacement of 1,540 feet of 48” circular masonry tunnel sewer with a 96”oval reinforced concrete sewer.

Property Location