Ashley Station-formerly Peabody Homes

Columbus, GA

Type: Community Transformations

Contract Amount: $37,924,000

Project Description:

Ashley Station is a two multifamily phase and a Senior Living development located in Columbus, GA. consisting of 21 buildings, 368 units and is 196,300 Square Feet. Originally Ashley Station was known as Peabody Homes prior to demolition managed by IBG. We performed street and public infrastructure improvements for this community working with a $5,166,300 Public Infrastructure budget. There are two phases to this community. Phase I is 21 buildings, 184 units and 196,300 Square Feet. Phase II consists of 184 units, 12 buildings and is approximately 120,600 square feet, including a senior living facility. It is also equipped with a community building and a playground. This community is located between the Columbia Regional Medical Center and the Wavery Terrace Historic District.

Property Location