Our History

IBG Construction Services was established in 1998 to offer Construction Management, General Contracting and Project Management.  Since its inception, IBG has consistantly provided  its clients with quality services tailored to fit their needs.

IBG has successfully completed numerous multifamily residential projects, including apartments and senior buildings.  Most of the projects used  multiple sources of financing, including Tax Credits, HUD 221 (d) (4), Hope VI Funds, Tax Exempt Bond funds and ARRA Exchange administered by DCA in addition to private equity. IBG continues to meet requirements associated with various sources of financing, including but not limited to Section 3, MWBE, Davis Bacon, or others.

Our experience has been primarily in urban environments, which has included the demolition and replacement of existing streets, utilities, parks, etc.  Our approach is to implement the master plan with the scope that the Owner assigns to us.  Very often, the scope includes managing the demolition of existing buildings and the related site preparation, managing the public improvements scope, and actually being the contractor building the residential units.

We have existing partnerships with Atlanta Housing Authority, The Integral Group LLC, City of Atlanta, Columbia Residential and the Columbus Housing Authority. Our previous clients include, Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission, Coca Cola, Atlanta Public Schools, Morehouse College, and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games.  In addition to IBG’s experience as a company it’s key personnel have many years of  experience with significant projects and programs throughout the country.

IBG’s financial stability has been consistent throughout its existence.  IBG has maintained a solid relationship with a major bank, is insured with an “A” rated insurance company, and CNA SURETY has been IBG’s bonding company since its inception.

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